Dr. Travis Campbell is a full-time practicing dentist. He started his practice from scratch after graduating from Baylor College of Dentistry (2009) and has grown this single dentist practice to be in the top 1% in the country. Having made the typical mistakes as a new business owner, he has worked diligently to learn how to become a highly capable business owner. He has a passion for helping others avoid the typical dental business pitfalls and become highly successful business owners, “CEOs” and team builders in addition to being Doctors. As a result, Dr. Campbell has become well known for his knowledge/experience in dental business management and efficiency. He is an author, speaker at dental seminars, a contributor of various on-line dental communities and a dental coach/consultant. His book on dental office management released in 2019.  He is currently working on another much larger textbook for dental teams on understanding dental insurance, which is scheduled for release in 2021. Dr. Campbell lives in Prosper, Texas with his wife, daughter and son!


Rebecca has a keen interest in helping leaders and work groups “become the best they can be.”  She is quick to engage with leaders and team members, assess the team environment, identify potential trouble spots hindering top performance, pinpoint areas for improvement and provide tips and tools for success.

Rebecca comes to us with a broad background in Human Resources and Consulting. During her career she traveled extensively and worked with leaders and employees in many countries across the globe.   She has held Human Resource executive positions within large, financial services corporation including AIG, JP Morgan Chase and SunGard, all headquartered out of New York City.  Her areas of expertise include organization and team diagnostics, developing people strategy, planning and leading organization change, recruiting and developing talent, improving organization/team performance and effectiveness, coaching and developing leaders.

Rebecca holds a degree in Biology from the University of Texas and a master’s degree in Human Resource Management from Houston Baptist University.   She is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) as well as a certified Master Human Capital Strategist.  (MHCS)

Our Philosophy

Every office is unique. Our goal with dentists is to help diagnose the practice’s strengths and vulnerabilities.  By identifying these specific needs we can help the owner develop a vision and specific tasks to help them reach their goals.  Then we train the team in the most important of those tasks and help motivate them to see the larger vision.  Along the way coaching the dentist directly to learn how to be a CEO, leader, and successful business owner.

We believe that long term contracts are only for those who cannot maintain value for clients.  Therefore, we only commit clients to 3 months; with a month to month agreement moving forward.  We only want to be paid as long as we are bringing value to the relationship.

Finally, we understand that as dentists we get hit up for money all the time.  Our guarantee to clients is this: if you put in the effort to make changes, then you will easily earn back far more than what you pay.  If you have made the efforts needed to change and have not seen that growth, we will return your money.

For this reason, we only want dentists who are ready and willing to change.  Who have the passion to make a significant difference and are not interested in staying complacent in their current situation.  Change takes hard work, but is well worth the effort.  Are you ready for a change?

I have had the opportunity to discuss dentistry with Travis for a little over a year now. While many of us seek to improve our clinical skill sets, we often downplay the importance of understanding the non-clinical aspects of dentistry. Travis has a gift in being able to share with our community methods and approaches to practicing smarter, not harder, when it comes to blending these to sides of your practice to create growth as owners.

It is important for us as professionals of all practice styles and philosophies to have avenues to learn from which are professional, ethical, and balanced. We are fortunate as a profession to have Travis willing to share his time and his experience with us.

Brandon White, DDS

Dr.Travis Campbell has a wealth of knowledge….highly recommend him to anyone looking for advice on practice management…..can’t wait to put my hands on the new book.

Viral Patel, DDS

As a new owner, I have had many questions in regards to managing a dental practice. Meeting Dr. Campbell has been very rewarding. He has helped guide me towards better managing my team and becoming a more profitable dental office. I appreciate both his knowledge and kindness in personally responding to my questions.

J. Chung, DDS

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