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Owner vs Associate – Part 1

I get private messages every day, and it is interesting that occasionally I get both the owner and the associate messaging me about the same thing.   The associate is complaining that the owner isn't providing enough work for them to do, and as a result...

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I Have an Amazing Employee, But….

They generate huge drama.... They are rude to patients …. They don't get along with team members … They have no interest in learning, growing, changing.... They are negative.... They are always late … Whatever you fill in after the “but” is the problem and the true...

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Dr.Travis Campbell has a wealth of knowledge….highly recommend him to anyone looking for advice on practice management…..can’t wait to put my hands on the new book.

Viral Patel, DDS

As a new owner, I have had many questions in regards to managing a dental practice. Meeting Dr. Campbell has been very rewarding. He has helped guide me towards better managing my team and becoming a more profitable dental office. I appreciate both his knowledge and kindness in personally responding to my questions.

J. Chung, DDS

I have had the opportunity to discuss dentistry with Travis for a little over a year now. While many of us seek to improve our clinical skill sets, we often downplay the importance of understanding the non-clinical aspects of dentistry. Travis has a gift in being able to share with our community methods and approaches to practicing smarter, not harder, when it comes to blending these to sides of your practice to create growth as owners.

It is important for us as professionals of all practice styles and philosophies to have avenues to learn from which are professional, ethical, and balanced. We are fortunate as a profession to have Travis willing to share his time and his experience with us.

Brandon White, DDS

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Top 10 Dental Office Maintenance Concerns

Ever hate having to call the repair tech out to the office?  Having downtime because equipment stops working as intended?  Here are some ways to avoid the most common causes of needing to call a tech and incurring repair and trip charges.  Most of this is so easy to...

Dental Practice: To buy or start?

This question comes up a lot in dental groups.  If you have had this question of which way to go, hopefully I can give you a few insights to help. Most people understand buying homes, it is a concept so common in America.  Think if you want to find a home.  You have...

Virus in Business

Have you ever gone to a store and seen a clerk or employee that helped you, but did not smile?  Now, if it happens once and you have a history with the business, likely you might return.  But what if you never got a smile or nice greeting when you went in?  Would you...