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In dental school, they don’t train you to build a business. Dr. Campbell shares how to develop a successful dental practice, decrease stress, and restore your passion for your field!

When you trained for dentistry, were you prepared to become a small business owner? Most dentists are not trained to run a business. If you were once passionate about your practice but now feel like the easiest part of your business is the dentistry, you are not alone. Many factors are affecting dentists nationwide: lower insurance reimbursement, corporate growth, and more dental schools opening every year. Today, to compete in the dental industry means knowing how to run a successful business as much as knowing the clinical aspects. If you feel like running the business is what always causes stress and problems, then it is time to change how you run your

Going from knowing nothing about business to creating one of the top 1% of single doctor practices in the United States, Dr. Travis Campbell didn’t understand this concept when he first started his office. What he did learn was you have to either avoid problems or understand how to fix them.

This book will take you on his journey, a journey with many potholes you will likely relate to all too well.   And you are sure to pick up multiple ideas and techniques you can use immediately!!

You really can run your office successfully without all the stress and failures that many dentists continue to face every day. 

Knowledge is the key to success.  Are you ready to learn more?

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In his new book, The Practice Whisperer, Dr. Travis Campbell captures the essence of what every practice owner or aspiring practice owner needs to know. The Practice Whisperer is written in a clear and approachable way that makes for an easy read. It also manages to distill some relatively complex subject matter into short, easy to understand lessons.  The information presented in this book will save new practice owners tens of thousands of dollars. As a practice owner in a scratch start up, I had to learn many of these lessons the Hard way.  I wish that this book had existed then! In fact my only disagreement with Dr. Campbell is that what he is teaching needs to be shouted from the rooftops, not whispered about!

Christopher "Doc" Hoffpauir, DDS

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Dr. Travis Campbell is a young dentist phenom!  He “gets it!”  In a relatively short career span, Dr. Campbell has quickly become an industry thought leader.  His experience, insight and continued zest for learning have led to his new book release, “The Practice Whisperer,” a compendium of boots-on-the-ground rules of the road for any dentist who desires to increase bottom-line profits while decreasing stress and burnout.  He dispels many of the myths and misinformation of dental practice today and shows the reader how to navigate the complexities of being an exceptional dentist, business owner, and leader while still having a life outside of work.  Every dentist (and dentist office) should have Travis’ book as a primary guide and resource!  

David Phelps, DDS

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