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Office Coaching and Improvement

There are always challenges to face and problems to solve with running any business. The most common challenges I hear from doctors are typically surrounding topics such as:

  • Team Management / Employment Concerns
  • Treatment Acceptance / Patient Management
  • Marketing and ROI
  • Collections and Profitability
  • Associate Onboarding and Management
  • Stress and Burnout
  • Insurance Challenges
  • Contract and Transition Analysis

As dentists, we are used to simple answers because compared to running a business most dentistry is fairly simple and direct. Often however, running a business isn’t hard, but it can be complex. The answers are rarely simple, and this is why so many of us can get frustrated with trying to fix a problem and not seeing the results we want. Offices need diagnosis and treatment planning just as much if not more so than our patients.

We have seen pretty much every failure you can imagine in running a dental office, and have found solutions to all of them.  No matter your challenge, we can help you build a customized plan for reaching your goals.  Below are the options and details for coaching.  



Contracts – I do not believe in long term contracts or client requirements.  Any of the options below are month to month to utilize once or however many times you wish to meet your goals. 

Virtual Office Coaching

Most challenges, goals, and training of an office below 1.5M annual collections per dentist can be solved virtually.  This would be through a 2-hour virtual coaching session to come up with your customized solutions.  Sessions can be arranged to include anywhere from the owner/dentist to the entire team depending on the situation necessary for your office.  Sessions are $800.

These sessions are customized by your specific needs and challenges and should leave you with specific actions to move forward to reach your goals.


In-Office Training

Whether to diagnose specific challenges or to help train team members in person; we are available for on-site training.  These visits are with Dr. Campbell and Rebecca and are typically two days with the following schedule:

– Day 1 – Observation and Information Gathering (normal office function)

– Evening 1 – Review with Owner/Manager

– Day 2 – Team Training 

– Follow up Virtual Session 2-4 weeks later

As these require travel, please contact us for specific pricing.  Training topics and goals are customized for every office.


Startup Coaching

Starting a practice from scratch can be both exciting and challenging.  Through my own startup experience as well as helping others dentists, I have learned that most of the failures come from the same source, lack of knowledge.  I would love to coach you through the process, avoiding the pitfalls and helping you achieve a fast-growing, highly successful startup.

This is done through virtual sessions of 2 hours and any follow up questions through email necessary for a month.  Sessions are $800.


Buy/Sell Transition Review

Whether buying or selling an office, transitions can be some of the largest agreements we ever sign in our life.  Making sure these arrangements are equitable can mean the difference in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.  If you would like a valuation of an office, or to review a valuation of an office purchase or sale, we can help.

Often sellers tend to overvalue their office and buyers don’t always look at all the factors to see if the purchase is worthwhile or overpriced.  If you would like a report on the office potential and value, we are here to help.

Contract review pricing is $500 per office and includes a written report and any questions answered by email you need.  Phone discussions can be arranged, but are not included in the cost.


It is important for us as professionals of all practice styles and philosophies to have avenues to learn from which are professional, ethical, and balanced. We are fortunate as a profession to have Travis willing to share his time and his experience with us.

Brandon White, DDS

Dr.Travis Campbell has a wealth of knowledge….highly recommend him to anyone looking for advice on practice management…..can’t wait to put my hands on the new book.

Viral Patel, DDS

As a new owner, I have had many questions in regards to managing a dental practice. Meeting Dr. Campbell has been very rewarding. He has helped guide me towards better managing my team and becoming a more profitable dental office. I appreciate both his knowledge and kindness in personally responding to my questions.

J. Chung, DDS

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