Learn to Love Dentures Again with this Course!

Course Details

CE Details: The format of this lecture is a recorded video webinar. This electronically delivered self-instructional program is designated for 1 hour of CE credit by Embrasure Space. AGD Subject Code: 670

Synopsis: This course is designed to educate the provider in how to set up an effective denture process in the office. Dr. Campbell will review how to effectively communicate and manage the denture patient, including how to avoid multiple adjustments. You will learn how to organize denture cases to be completed quickly, efficiently, and with better outcomes. You will also learn how to overcome the most common pitfalls in denture cases and how to help patients understand dentures are often only the first step. Finally, the discussion will include information on how to manage PPO coding, treatment planning, and case acceptance to make sure the process stays profitable for the dentist regardless of the type of patient. Overall, learn how to set the process up for success so that denture patients become what you love to see on the schedule.

Educational Objectives:

  • Provide tools to improve your predictability with denture creation and management.
  • Learn to effectively communicate and manage patient expectations.
  • Give ideas on how to create better treatment plans that support potential concerns.
  • Discuss how to more efficiently navigate financial and insurance coding.

Disclosure: The speaker declared no disclosures. This speaker nor any member of his family have a financial arrangement or affiliation with a corporate organization offering financial support for this continuing dental education program. The speaker has no financial arrangement with any product or service mentioned in this course.


Dr. Campbell, you need a YouTube channel! Thank you!

A rising tide lifts all boats! Thank you [again] for your insight and help!