Are you frustrated by insurance?

This course can help!

Course Details

CE Details: The format of this lecture is a recorded video webinar. This electronically delivered self-instructional program is designated for 1.5 hours of CE credit by Embrasure Space. AGD Subject Code: 550.

Synopsis: Does insurance drive you and your team crazy?  Are you getting denied for legitimate claims on common services like crowns and SRP?  Do you ever have patients upset because they owe more money after their EOB comes in?

This course will help teach you and your team how to play the insurance game so that you can win almost every time.  There are simple and practical steps all throughout this CE course that will guide you to a better understanding of insurance and how you can manage them.  Are you ready to change dealing with insurance from a nightmare to just a mild annoyance?  All it takes is 90 minutes for you to reach that goal!

Dr. Travis Campbell has been a thought leader in the online communities for years.  One of his passions has been helping other dentists to become more efficient and less stressed about daily office life.   He has written a book on practice management and efficiency, speaks on a variety of topics, coaches offices in efficiency and stress reduction, and has become a very valuable member of the national dental community.

Educational Objectives:

Help dentist and team to better understand insurance – smoother and more profitable.
The Insurance Game
Avoid common insurance issues
Fraud – what it is, isn’t, how to avoid it
Get paid on the commonly denied services
Offer premium/upgrade services
Bonus section on discounts and legality


This could be at least a half day lecture charging $300 per person to attend. This stuff is invaluable for a new owner.

This is so helpful. I’ve truly been trying to understand insurance strategies for the past several months. Thank you.

More Testimonials

A rising tide lifts all boats! Thank you [again] for your insight and help!

Awesome course! I particularly like the advice about estimating insurance coverage. That goes such a long way to keep patients happy. They love getting their refund checks!

Good information! Having the estimate seems to be where there can be space for the patients to become upset and point the finger at your dental practice. Regardless of the fact that it is their plan which they chose to participate in. I like the estimate philosophy because yes, it is way easier.

Dr. Campbell, you need a YouTube channel! Thank you!