Have you ever avoiding trying or doing something new because you fear you would fail?  We all come upon things in our lives we fear.  Fear of failure is one of the most common fears.  However, have you ever thought about this: What is the best way to fail at something?  Not even try!  Fear of failure will lead us down the wrong path every time.

Why do we fear?  Often it is due to lack of knowledge or experience.  We fear things we do not know.  Fear itself is not a bad thing, it causes us to be cautious and to seek more information.  Fear only becomes a problem when we allow it to hold us back.  Do not let fear hold you hostage!  Knowledge is power, experience is strength.  Use your fear to learn, grow, and then move forward.

The only way to fail 100% of the time is to let fear stop you from trying.

  • What things are you being held back from accomplishing?
  • Do you want to grow your business, but fear the changes that might be needed?
  • Do you want to add a new procedure like implants, but fear you might fail?
  • Want more patients, but fear the cost of marketing and ROI?
  • Want to replace a weak link employee, but fear trying to find a replacement?
  • Fearful/un-knowledgeable of insurance and therefore letting them walk all over you?
  • Fear of the minority of patients that cause problems, and therefore adding punitive policies that drive away the great patients?

Whatever it is, remember that failure does not define us.  What we do with fear and failure is what moves us through life.  Seek out knowledge and push past the fear.  Failure is nothing more than another experience that we can learn from.  And we often learn far more from failure than success.  What defines our ultimate success is what we do with the fears and how we come back from the failures.

What is going to define your life?