Have you ever gone to a store and seen a clerk or employee that helped you, but did not smile?  Now, if it happens once and you have a history with the business, likely you might return.  But what if you never got a smile or nice greeting when you went in?  Would you believe that store wanted or deserved your business or money?

Take this a step further and say you ask the employee what is wrong.  If they tell you they are just having a bad day, and apologize to you; likely all can be forgiven.  But what if the employee told you that smiling was not in their job description?!  What are you going to think now?  How worthy is that business for your patronage?

Do you have employees that have ever told you that something was not in their job description?  Do you think that is a healthy mentality to have within a growing business?

The big question is, does that virus mentality come from that one person or is it a culture problem that has developed in the office?  The cure is vastly different: fire one person vs change the culture and leadership from the manager/owner.

If the cause is more centralized that that, it might be coming from the leadership (or lack of) from the owner or manager.   Do you have rigid job descriptions that someone can say “that is not my job”; or fluid ones that expect more from your employees?  Do you hire people with a can-do attitude, or a “that is someone else’s job” attitude?  Do you correct problems early, or let them linger?

Just remember, viruses spread.  If you have a virus employee or culture, give a long enough incubation time and you will end up with multiple contagions.  The sooner you treat the virus, the less damage it can cause.

What viruses have you had to fix in your office?   Or what virus have you seen in other businesses you encounter?