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Dr. Campbell speaks nationwide on a variety of topics.

From understanding insurance to developing strategies to accelerate practice growth, Dr. Campbell delivers actionable content that dentists and teams can use tomorrow.  Content features a variety of topics and that can be customized to meet the needs of your unique audience. 

2022 Upcoming Conferences

All conferences last year sold out and had a waiting list.  If you want to come to one, do not wait to sign up.

The Business of Dentistry

  • February 12 Houston, TX
  • Profitability, Dental Insurance
  • Legal/Risk Management
  • 50 “Live” Attendees and 35 Virtual

Practice Profitability and Insurance Management

  • May 20-21 Atlanta, GA
  • Profitability
  • Dental Insurance Management
  • Medical Insurance Billing
  • 100 “live” attendees
  • Team members recommended and welcome
  • Largest and Most comprehensive course of the year!
  • Discount Code: EARLY

Action to Win

  • July 6-7 Nashville, TN
  • High Performance Coaching
  • Practice Profitability
  • At the Dental Festival
  • 100 Live Attendees, no Virtual
  • Team members welcome
  • Discount Code: AWTC

Increase Patient-Centered Care and Profitability

  • September 30 – October 1 Philadelphia, PA
  • Office Profitability
  • Dental Insurance Management
  • Partnered with Dental Nachos
  • 50 “Live” Attendees, no Virtual
  • Dentists and Team members

Popular Topics

Dr. Campbell’s content features a variety of topics and that can be customized to meet the needs of your unique audience. Below are some of his most popular seminars.

Insurance and Discounts

Does insurance drive you and your team crazy?  Are you getting denied for legitimate claims on common services like crowns and SRP?  Do you ever have patients upset because they owe more money after their EOB comes in?

This course will help teach you and your team how to navigate the maze of insurance systems and practices so that you can maximize returns for you and your patients almost every time.  There are simple and practical steps all throughout this CE course that will guide you to a better understanding of insurance and how you can confidently manage through today’s complexity.  Are you ready to change dealing with insurance from a nightmare to just a mild annoyance?

With great stories, background, and examples; let us help train your group to be experts at managing insurance to improve reimbursement and your relationship with patients.

Team Development and Strategy

Are you having a hard time finding and maintaining great employees?  Do employment issues like reviews, unemployment, or toxic employees stress you out?  Do you have good employees, but they are not functioning as a team?

Dr. Campbell discusses how to setup a great onboarding process for new team members, how to train and develop team members to become rock stars individually and collectively, as well as reviewing ways to stay legal without letting toxic employee run you over. Are you ready to take your team to the next level to become superstars?

5 Star Patient Experience

First impressions are everything in life, from your relationships to business.  Dentistry is no different.  Humans make decisions based on emotion far more than logic. Your patients experience and treatment acceptance have far more to do with their interactions with your team than anything else.   Offering a “5 Star Experience” starts from the first the patient’s very first impression, i.e. the initial contact with the office: the new patient phone call.

Dr. Campbell discusses techniques your team can implement tomorrow to start giving your patients a 5-star experience.  Not only will these easy techniques provide a better atmosphere for your patients, they will increase your team’s job satisfaction and ultimately increase the percentage of treatment acceptance within your practice 

Would you like to have happier patients, greater staff satisfaction and make more money?  This session will surprise you with its simplicity, ease of implementation and rapid results!! 

Incorporating Successful Corporate and Business Principles Into a Dental Office

Businesses in every industry have qualities unique to their profession. However, there are many similarities that exist in successful businesses in all industries.  Disney, Ritz Carlton, Nordstroms all have systems that have catapulted them to recognizable names.
Dr. Campbell will review time tested business practices that have worked in every industry and how to practically apply them to the dental office.

Are you ready to incorporate some proven business strategies to take your practice to the next level?

How to Love Dentures and Be Profitable Event With PPOs

How do you feel when you see denture patients on the schedule?  Do adjustments frustrate you?  Are you being compensated well for your time with dentures?

These are common concerns for many dentists, especially with PPOs.   This session will cover how to set up an effective denture process in the office.  Learn how to effectively communicate and manage the denture patient.  Learn how to avoid ever doing more than 1-2 adjustments on every case. Master how to organize denture cases to be completed quickly, efficiently, and with better outcomes.   Avoid the most common pitfalls in denture cases and help patients understand dentures are often only the first step. You’ll come away with tools to improve your predictability with denture creation and case management.

Finally, the discussion will include information on how to manage PPO coding, treatment planning, and case acceptance to make sure the process stays profitable for the dentist regardless of network participation.

Overall, learn how to set the process up for success so that denture patients become what you love to see on the schedule.  Dentures should be one of the most rewarding and profitable parts of your office!

Marketing Cycle

How would you like to double the effectiveness of ALL your marketing efforts, without spending a dime more on marketing?

Marketing return on investment (ROI) is so much more than just getting a patient to pick up the phone and call your office.   This session walks groups through the normal life span of a patient inside a dental office. How a patient views the office can mean a huge difference between whether they spend thousands of dollars over a number of years, or leave the office for a competing dentist. Learn simple marketing techniques your team can implement tomorrow that can double and triple the return on your existing investment.

Are you ready for more cash flow and better ROI without spending more money each month?

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