Dentistry is hard, running a business is harder. The level of responsibility and stress we all deal with can be high, not to mention the toll on our bodies as well.We all need to learn to live more and work less!

A few years ago this was extremely tough for me. I felt like every time I was away from the office I was losing money. The office was a ball and chain holding me back from doing anything but work. Stress at the office was high, I worked at home as well, and I was never able to actually relax on vacation. Any of this sound familiar?

What I had to learn over time was that none of it was worth it. And more importantly, none of my fears that stopped me from living were valid.
Once I stopped taking work home, my stress levels went down, but things still magically got done (just forced me to be more efficient at the office).
When I started scheduling days out of the office ahead of time for vacation, my income never went down. It actually went UP! The days I was in the office just got busier, but less working days => less payroll cost => more profit.

Now, do I plan vacations in the busiest months of the year? No, but that also coincides with when most other people take vacations too. So I can enjoy my vacations more when things are less crowded. Same reason I actually love not working Mondays, I am free to do anything with no one in stores or on the road.

In the past I would have apologized for not having a regular tip in the last two weeks, I was in Florida with my family. Now though, I understand I should not have to apologize for living my life. Neither should you!

What are you doing to make sure your job does not get in the way of your life, family, freedom, and goals?